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Mount Olympus (Greek: Όλυμπος - Olympia, sometimes found on maps as Ólimbos Oros) is the highest mountain in Greece - 2919 m [1]. The highest peak of Olympus is Mytikas (Godfather) (2919 m).

The etymological origin of the name means full of light, being analogous to the sky, inhabited by gods, demigods, children of gods and their servants. In Greek mythology, Olympus is the abode of ancient Greek pantheon of gods. Olympus was considered the abode of the gods, but it is hard to tell what really meant in those days "Olympus". In Homer's Iliad it is said that Olympus is above the mountains,  it is our heaven. In a passage from the Iliad, the gods Zeus speaks of "the highest peak of Olympic peaks, which would suggest that Olympus was really a mountain. In Homer's work, Poseidon reminds the world that he is the master of the seas, Hades is the god of death and Zeus the god of the heavens, but Olympus is common to all three. Regardless of its nature, the entrance to Olympus was guarded a great gate of clouds. The gods lived in this place, (which sometimes descended on Earth, in the mortal world); They ate ambrosia and listened to Apollo's lyre divine music.

A few things obout the optional trip:

We visit the highest mountain in Greece, with its height of 2917 meters (top Mythikas) was considered by ancient Greeks as the homes of the most important gods. The first stop will be in the southern part of the mountain: the village of Pale Panteleimonas (old Panteleimon), set in fantastic surroundings. The village was founded during the Ottoman occupation and after the liberation from Ottoman yoke, it was abandoned, the houses were ruined. Nowadays it's been rebuilt according to the old style, and a visit to this village is like if it were a journey back in time. Here you can taste specialties of Greek cuisine in a rustic tavern. From here we go to another location at the foot of the mountain, where an interesting phenomenon to study, inexplicably, would not work if the forces of nature and flowing water upstream. Next stop we found the monastery near the town of Agios Dionysos Litohoro, where we ascend to a height of almost 1,000 feet to admire the view from here. The last stop of the tour will be in Litohoro town, where we start a walk of about an hour between canyon Enipeas rocks. After some free time for the tourists, we start our journey back to Nei Pori resort.

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